Colloidal Silver Benefits in Dogs

Colloidal Silver Benefits in Dogs

Colloidal silver acts as a natural antibiotic for dogs

Colloidal silver is actually an accidental invention dated back to the times when silverwares were used as storage containers. But today, it is used as a treatment procedure for fighting around 650 organisms producing diseases not only in human but also in pets. Colloidal silver uses in dogs are huge but above all it is considered as a very good natural antibiotic. It is said to improve the general health of the dogs. It is used in ear and skin problems of dogs. It can also treat burns, wounds, eye infections, digestive disorder, thyroid imbalance etc. along with the common bacterial, yeast, viral and parasite infections.

How does it function?

Colloidal silver is said to function by weakening the enzymes which the virus, fungi and bacteria require to metabolize the oxygen properly. As a result the pathogens get suffocated whereas the surrounding cells stay intact. Then these virus and bacteria which are dead are disposed by the dogs with the help of the immunity or lymphatic systems or even sometimes with the fecal matter.

Why is the use of colloidal silver preferred for dogs?

One of the main reasons why dog owners prefer the colloidal silver uses in dogs is because it is a natural product and is said to have only one side effect i.e. argyria a condition where the dogs’ gums and skin turn bluish gray in color. If a dog is exposed to huge doses of colloidal silver for a long time then only it can give rise to this condition. Hence it is very important to administer the proper dosage to check the occurrence of argyria. The body weight of a canine is judged to determine its correct dose. Since 1930s colloidal silver is preferred to be used on dogs considering its huge number of benefits against only one negative side effect, that too which can be easily avoided.

Administration of colloidal silver in dogs

A veterinarian administers colloidal silver uses in dogs either orally or with the help of intravenous injections.  Colloidal silver is also used in the form of cream or spray. While applying on the gums or teeth of the dog sometimes the liquid is mixed with a powder to form a paste. The general dose of a small to large dog varies from 10-20 ml once in a day.

Is colloidal silver safe for dogs?

Colloidal silver is considered so safe that it can be consumed regularly unlike other antibiotics. It helps in building the natural immunity of the body which prevents further infections. In any pet, including dogs the longest time for an infection to cure should not be more than few days, as pets grow old fast so their healing capacity is also rapid. Considering its safety, even the FDA has given the approval to sell it in the health stores. Hence keeping worries aside one can depend on the colloidal silver uses in dogs with their eyes closed.

Therefore, considering the increasing popularity of colloidal silver uses in dogs we can come to a conclusion that, this product is great for your dogs which can treat most of the conditions these innocent creatures suffer from.

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